Beginning of spring semester 2015 in Cupertino Students Group

studenciminiaturaOn Sunday of the Baptism of the Lord, January 11th, Mass in English was celebrated for the first time in 2015. It marked the end of Christmas season and also beginning of the Spring Academic Semester in CuperTino – ministry in St. Francis Parish for international students from Jönköping University.

Following Franciscan tradition of drawing Patron Saints for New Year (and sentences – short quotes from the Bible) all who were present at the Mass could draw their Patrons for this year.

Because of the Year of Consecrated Life, which was announced by the pope Francis and started on the first Sunday of Advent as patrons were Selected saints who were particularly significant for the religious life – hermits, founders of religious orders and congregations etc.

Quotes came from the Gospel according to St. Matthew – from the chapters 5-7, which contain Sermon on the Mount and Beatitudes.

”Constant” patron of Students Group in our Parish is St. Joseph of Cupertino (thus the name of our group), Conventual Franciscan who is patron of aviation (”flying friar”), students and in particular those undergoing exams.

For the year 2015 CuperTino group will have additional patron: St. Pachomius the Great, Abbot – founder of cenobitic monasticism. He lived between c. 292-348. His feast is on May 15th And the sentence-quote for our group is: “Blessed are they who mourn, for they will be comforted.” (Matthew 5, 4)

Prayer of St. Pachomius: O God, Creator of heaven and earth, cast on me an eye of pity: deliver me from my miseries: teach me the true way of pleasing you, and it shall be the whole employment, and most earnest study of my life to serve you, and to do your will. Amen.

Following the ”fika” after Mass students watched the movie about the “fourth Magi” – based on the biblical story of the wise men who came from the East to welcome the newborn Messiah and King of Israel and to give Him special gifts. This inspirational story helped us to connect celebration of Christmas with coming Paschal season.

We were very happy to see those students who stayed in Jönköping for Christmas and New Year and in particular to meet the new students who just arrived. WELCOME!

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